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Laptop refreshment

(Sorry if you have read this already, due to a tag mistake, my draft copy got published)


I recently bought a refurbished thinkpad x260. If you have read my post of my previous laptop. Its a big jump from 1 gen Intel processors to 6th Gen.

I really love my old laptop. In fact I am actually writing this from my old laptop. Its OK for my day to day task. But its not convenient to carry around when I am travelling.

I was thinking a lot of buying a new machine. But always end up not because of how much minimal hardware ports and how hard for normal users to open it for usual maintenance. But during Debconf22 someone made fun of my laptop, he mentioned its more of a printer than a laptop. And there I decided get a new machine.

Thinkpads always fascinated me. Look sturdy, more I/O ports, nice keyboard and easy to open up for usual maintenance. But I never arrived on which model should I pick. Lenovo has only limited number of models available in India and with right specs, its way out of budget for me. I was planned for taking a But should I go again to old model. Then I decided to get something little more recent. I know Marhaba computers from whom I already bought a thinkpad for my brother.

Deciding to pick X260 took around an evening. I have bugged a lot of my friends especially Kiran. I might’ve have made him mad because of how much back and forth I asked questions to him regarding this. Finally we arrived at X260.

I chose the minimal storage and memory as I will be changing that anyway. So mine had 320GB SATA HDD, DDR4 4 GB memory, Intel i5 6000 , 6th gen processor. I have a 120GB SSD lying around. I quickly swapped it with stock HDD and installed Debian. More memory will be loaded soon.


Resolution is 1920*1080 and scaling seems very small and it started to give me a hard time for my eye. So I decided to adjust it.

abhijith@Adebian  cat .Xresources
Xft.dpi: 120%

I was using libinput drivers for the trackpad. Turns out it was horrible for my model. So I decided to move back to synaptics.

So far I haven’t decided on full transition. So its my travel laptop for mail, IRC, RSS, matrix reader/client.